17 Weird Shops From Around The World

“The supermarket near me has an aisle for ’lost spouses.’”

“I bought this bread specifically to make sandwiches…”

“There was a piece of wood in my vegetable bag.”

“Finally found toilet paper at my grocery store.”

“The fat-free package of honey cornbread doesn’t have the glob of butter on top.”

“The supermarket I’m in puts an anti-theft device on every energy drink.”

“Someone broke all these candy bars.”

“The grocery store has an anti-theft system for single cans of SPAM.”

“A secondhand store now occupies an old grocery store. Ever seen a jeans cooler?”

“Found a paper can at my local grocery store.”

“A local supermarket has an entire aisle devoted to beans.”

“Someone was so hungry that they couldn’t make it to the check-out zone.”

Source: brightside.me

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