18 Awesome Easter Eggs Found In Famous Movies

“Back to the Future(1985) The billboard that Marty sees in ’55 is an exact image of the McFly home.”

“In Halloween H2O (1998), Norma is played by Janet Leigh, who played Marion in Psycho (1960). She also owns the same car as Marion.”

“Stallone was originally cast as Axel in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), until he rewrote the script to be all action & no humor; he even changed Axel’s last name to Cobretti, nickname Cobra. This script became Cobra (1986). In Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), we see Billy (Judge Reinhold) is a fan of Cobra”

“In Pulp Fiction (1994) Tarantino’s smiling globe T-shirt is for a Detroit magazine called Orbit. They were the first magazine to ever interview him about being a filmmaker and he wore the shirt as a ‘thank you’ to them.”

“I’ve seen Toy Story 2 1000 times and today I just noticed this hidden Easter Egg of A Bugs Life picture hanging on Al’s wall”

“In Soul (2020), you can see a sign for “9 inch nails” at a hardware store. This is a reference to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, two of the movies composers and members of the band “Nine Inch Nails”.”

“In Little Italy (2018) Emma Roberts wore the same T-shirt as her aunt Julia (and her friends) wore in Mystic Pizza (1988). Both movies are directed by Donald Petrie.”

“In The Princess And The Frog (2009) the villains shadow turns this wallpaper to skulls and crossbones in this scene”

“In “John Wick Chapter 2” (2017) the Rotary Phone is the same model they used in “The Matrix””

“In Rushmore (1998), the shot of Max sitting on a go-kart wearing goggles was inspired by a photo by the famous French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. That photo, as well as several others by Lartigue, appears behind Max earlier in the film.”

“In The Ring (2002) the tree with fiery red leaves is a Japanese maple. The fruit that this tree produces is called a samara. The name of the movie’s antagonist is Samara Morgan.”

“In the opening scene of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), the disguise Ferris later uses to pick up Sloan is behind his bedroom door”

“In Gremlins (1984), Steven Spielberg has a cameo at the science convention.”

“In How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), Director Ron Howard cameos as one of the villagers.”

“In Candyman (2021), Burke is seen reading Weaveworld by Clive Barker, who also wrote the short story “The Forbidden” which the original Candyman is based off”

“Batman Returns, 1992: Selina’s eyeglasses shadow project the Catwoman mask on her face.”

“In Free Guy (2021), you can see a bottle of gin labelled “Subtle Product Placement”. This is actually a bottle of Aviation Gin…a brand which is partially owned by Ryan Reynolds.”

“In Hercules (1997), the cape attached to Hercules’ armor is actually the shawl that is given to him by his adoptive mother.”

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