18 Awesome Things Which Will Fascinate You Today

“This really old fanta can I found between some rocks while hiking.”

“Climbing wall along a parking in Utrecht campus.”

“My slightly outdated water heater.”

“This single of of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da came into the record store today that has serial N⁰ 000003.”

“A five-leaf clover I found today.”

“The way these letters are peeling on this sign almost looks like an intentional choice of font.”

“This tree growing in the middle of a parking spot..”

“Big Mac and Happy Meal prices displayed on the roadside at McDonalds in Sweden.”

“Found my Pogs from ’96.”

“So in McDonald’s they started using proper dishes now instead of packaging! Good on them!”

“My work has several of these antique “fire grenade” extinguishers in our boiler/storage room.”

“This rock that looks like a baked potato.”

“This camo printed fabric has unexpected shreks in it”

“Stop lights with a timer until it turns green.”

“I made a circle using 360 yogurt cups.”

“I solved an all black puzzle.”

“600 year old linden tree in my village.”

“The way this can of spray foam exploded.”

“Forgot about a can of wolf brand chili in back of fridge and the mold growing looks like wolf hair.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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