18 Biggest Wedding Regrets

“A reception line. I got talked into it, I didn’t want to do it but felt pressured. All I did for 3/4 of my reception was stand and say hello to people it was miserable and took a lot of the fun out of the day.”


“Well, we could have had the wedding in fall 2019, but my wife wanted more time to make sure everything was perfect, so we decided to have it in April 2020.”


“Letting the photographer dictate where we should be for the entire night. Going back I would have told him do all the photo poses you want in the first hour then leave us alone.

Also would have had someone walk around with us when we said hi to each table to help us get out of drawn out conversations to make it go faster.”


“Letting a homeless guy into our reception venue to use the restroom. Half-hour later, he’s still in there. A few of my guests jimmied the door open and found him passed out on heroin.”


“I regret not hiring a dj. Its not only music, they help with the flow of the wedding. Flower toss, first dance, money dance, whatever you want. We cut corners where we could and that was one I regret.”


“My husband and I went off alone to be married in the woods.

No regrets on that, but I regret not going further off-trail for the actual vow exchange. A lady on horseback yelled at me that the “white thing on your head is scaring my horse””


“I should have made my wife eat her meal. We sat at the table alone and chatted while everyone else was eating and she said she wasn’t very hungry after eating like 1/4 of her plate.

Turns out that half hour was the only 30 minutes of the day she wasn’t hungry. I finally went downstairs and got her a plate of hors d’oeuvres after her trying to politely sneak down for two hours.

They spirited her food away some point after dinner and she still regrets not getting to eat the great food we picked out.”


“In all honesty, I regret dancing so much. We danced so much, we forgot to go around to individually thank everyone for coming. They all came to us on the dance floor to say hello. 10/10 still dancing.”


“Tiny wedding in a beautiful state park. I forgot the rings in the car and my dad was kind enough to jog back and get them. That’s the only regret I have for that day.”


“Getting separated from my wife while at the wedding. She went to the bathroom and then got swarmed by friends and family and she disappeared what seemed like hours. Also, in general getting pulled away from eachother. When I would get a drink or talk to someone.

The reason I regret it, is because my wife looked so absolutely stunning that day and I just wanted to look at her the entire time. My wife is still hot but something about that dress.”


“Picking the longest song ever for a first dance”


“Shaving my pubes. A Tight suit, hot weather and an itchy scrotum are a recipe for disaster!”


“Getting a s@#tty photographer my mom recommended (someone from her church). As we’re taking pre-wedding pictures (part of the wedding picture package), I asked him during one of the breaks what got him into photography. He answered “it’s just something to do while I try to open my restaurant”. That should’ve been the red flag”


“Having one. The marriage was enough for us but we were pressured into having a wedding. It was fine, I guess, but I wish we would have just gone on a better, longer honeymoon.”


“As it turned out… getting married.”


“Stuffing cake in my wife’s face. No exaggeration, i regret it to this day.

One of the traits of a successful marriage is to protect your spouse, with words, with your actions. Protect in this case has the meaning of upholding their dignity, their honor, etc. shoving cake in their face is not doing any of that and it’s very very public.

Don’t do it. Plus it messed with her make up, I really really wish I hadn’t. :(“


“Going into labor”


“Not exactly a regret, but just a reminder to keep things in perspective.

Looking at my grandmother’s wedding photos, she pointed out her bridesmaids wearing matching hats. She remembered these hats were important and there was some big to-do about them. For the life of her, she couldn’t remember what exactly and you certainly couldn’t tell from the pictures.

Just remember that when you’re having heated debates over the “correct” shade of blue for the napkins.”


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