18 Designs That Were Created In The Future

Bathtub design with a special compartment allowing you to get a glimpse of nature

Swerved floating desk that gently emerges from the wall

Satisfyingly-crafted sustainable wooden furniture

Change the color and brightness of your room in an instant.

Portable wireless keyboard with a swift design

These chairs will remind you to take the occasional sip of red wine.

Luminous wooden reception desk that lights up the entire room

Slide or stairs?

A coffee place with a mesmerizing design and vibe

A curved garden bench that serves a double purpose

Zero-gravity ecosystem which cultivates plants in mid-air

This is what a restroom should look like.

Finding serenity couldn’t be easier.

Illuminating staircase with LED panels that light up your way in the dark

Bringing a little more nature into your kitchen


3-D creative lamp with a unique design

Neat table design with a curly edge

Built-in bicycle mount that’s a dream come true for any bike lover

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