18 Examples Of Nice “Designer Creativity”

“Totally inconspicuous zipper”

“This pink sports bra makes it look like you have constant underboob sweat.”

“My feet hurt a lot. Who on earth thought this was a good idea?”

“The placement of these rather saggy bunny ears is definitely not the best.”

“These socks were almost cool but I don’t think I want to show off my 2 right-clubbed feet.”

“It’s supposed to be wrinkle-free.”

“These fake zippers make holes in your boot when you walk.”

“The brown tye-dye on this set of pajamas is less than pleasing to the eye.”

“For it’s winter, and you ain’t about that sock-and-sandal life!”

“This was actually really funny to me. Then I realized it’s not even centered. Then I got mad.”

“Whoever designed this onesie has never seen a human child.”

“Found it a few days ago in a shop. I presumed it was a bag but whoever had stocked the shelf obviously thought it was a shoe.”

“When you want to be a cool cowboy, even on the ice rink”

“My wife’s new dress has a total of 2 pockets, and this is one of them.”

“Needed a new sports bra with better support. After using the sizing table on the website and matching to my specific size, I received this in the mail.”

“They said it was custom; they said I would never have a shirt fit like this…”

“They claimed it was “made that way to help the material not pull while sitting.”

“These are the worst shoes I’ve ever seen.”

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