18 Films That Definitely Don’t Need A Remake


“Anything by Monty Python.

They can’t be improved on and the dodgy special effects only add to the humour.”


“The Goonies”

“The Princess Bride.”

“Mr Bean. No one will ever be able to recreate the character as well as Rowan Atkinson. Really anything from Rowan Atkinson can never be remade. Blackadder for instance”

“Alien (1979). It’s still so good 40+ years later”

“Stand By Me

That combo of young actors just worked so well, and I just can’t imagine it would work so well again”



“Besides the fact that Tom Hanks was perfect, I don’t see a modern remake of Forrest Gump being received well based on cultural shifts alone”


“Fight club”

“Mrs. Doubtfire”

“Shawshank Redemption”

“Galaxy Quest.”

“Pulp fiction

But luckily I think Quentin Tarantino makes movies no one else would try to remake.”

“Back to the Future. The thought of anyone other than Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd playing those roles is blasphemous to me.”

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