18 Photos Full Of Happy Moments

“My puppy went to her new home and I was worried about how she was. Got this the next morning.”

“The service was perfect! I would definitely be born here again.”

“Turned my head after feeling a nudge on my foot. Thankfully, a bit of my sandwich made us friends.”

“He enjoys a fresh perspective!”

“My sweet girl’s face while getting scratches”

“I took a picture of a fantastic goose but there was a pigeon right behind it that made it look like it had a unique beak.”

“I was over the moon to see him again. We absolutely adore this little guy!”

“A collection of more than 200 4-leaf clovers. Seems like the luckiest person in the world.”

“I found this rock in a local park.”

“Looks like an inverted ladybug, but that’s actually a harlequin.”

“When I stopped at the gas station, I saw this. Bought a few lotto tickets right after. Wish me luck.”

“Came into my room today to see that my mirror had fallen off the wall. It seems fate was on my side, however.”

“Was eating chips and dip and found a chip shaped like a heart.”

“Got lucky this time. Try to find out why.”

“We were casually standing, and saw this when we looked down…”

Credits:  brightside.me

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