19 Photos That Will Totally Surprise You

“After trying unsuccessfully for many months to get pregnant, my wife and I decided to get a puppy. I’ve made a huge mistake.”

“I have never seen such clear water, my whole hand is underwater.”

“So my friend sent me a photo of his dog…”

“My sister’s cat brought in another ‘dead’ bird, or so they thought.”

“So I was walking in a forest near my city and found this.”

“I got a crab shell that looks like Yoda sleeping.”

“So, my dog makes this flirting face.”

“I have 3 children who all look different yet similar.”

“My oldest has dark hair bright and blue eyes, my middle child has light hair and green eyes like mine, my third had strawberry blonde hair and darker blue eyes like her dad. How is this possible? Yet really cool!”

“I was baking bread and somehow this happened.”

“I stepped on a rubber band at work today and it stuck with me like this.”

“My buddy and I got thrown in last minute to give a tour to over 80 kindergarteners. We apparently didn’t know what to do with our faces.”

“Just an hour ago my Bengal was roughhousing with our new kitten, showing him who’s boss. He’s not as tough as he acts.”

“We have been traveling for more than a month now. This was our cat’s first reaction upon seeing us over Skype.”

“In 2010, I was told I would never be able to get pregnant.”

“So we got our engagement photos back and there was one to rule them all.”

“Over the last week our kitten has discovered she can climb.”

“So my aunt’s cat likes to sit like this.”

“Just found out my girlfriend is pregnant.”

“Found this bike the other day and it confused me about our reality. Is it broken or not broken?”

Credits:  brightside.me

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