18 Photos Prove That There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Mother Nature

“I spent four days camping out in the remote Algerian Sahara – just me and a local guide. I took a million photos but this was one of my favourites. Freezing cold at night, but free of all light pollution the sky was breathtakingly beautiful.”

“I woke up at 4:30 AM, hiked up for 2 hrs and saw this incredible show. Chamonix, France.”

“On my last day in Jasper I took a boat out to Spirit Island. The entire ride was through dens fog and pouring rain. By the time we hit shore we got a 5 minute window where the mountains made an appearance. Worth it. Maligne Lake, Jasper CA.”

“Slept at 10,000ft in the Canadian Rockies to wake up at 3am in freezing temps to experience this. I think it was worth it.”

“Beautiful heart shaped natural lake surrounded by fall foliage in Ontario, Canada.”

“Climbed up in the dark, this was my view when the sun came up. Loughrigg, Lake District, UK.”

“My favorite place on earth. Cannon Beach, OR.”

“Icelandic glacial rivers and one of the most famous mountains in the southeast!”

“Epic Lightning striking Venezuela’s Maracaibo Lake. The Catatumbo Lightning takes place here, where the highest concentration of lightning in the world ist found.”

“These odd shaped formations on Philippine island Bohol are called ‘The Chocolate Hills’”

“Mother Nature’s color palette is incredible. Broome, Western Australia”

“After an amazing lightning storm, thick clouds broke just enough during sunrise to let this happen in Glacier National Park!”

“You might have seen it before, but here’s that one place in Indonesia with a volcano behind waterfalls.”

“When the sky meets the Earth , Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia”

“I heard this place had stunning views but I just wasn’t prepared for this. My Jaw dropped. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland”

“ITAP of a pond full of Kois in Takayama, Japan”

“Anyone else need some color today? Little Ohio waterfall.”

“The alien throne in Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in New Mexico”

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