19 Photos Will Prove You That Humans Aged Faster In The Past

“My grandmother at age 16 in Mexico”

“My paternal grandfather at age 16”

“My grandmother at the age of 15”

“My grandmother at 24 in 1934, dancing with my grandfather”

“My grandmother at 16 years old in 1917”

“This is my 18-year-old grandmother Concetta in 1945. She was the woman who taught me how to be sassy and classy.”

“My grandfather’s WWII photograph — he was 18 years old. He’s still alive and sharp as a tack at 96!”

“My great-grandmother and great-grandfather on their wedding day around the ages of 18 or 19”

“My granddad (at 17 years old in the photo) at the Dublin races with his mother, my great-grandmother in 1940”

“My grandmother at 23 years old, 1968”

“This is my grandma at 16 — she’s turning 80 this year. She makes me laugh every day. I love this woman!”

“This is my grandmother on her confirmation day in 1941. She’s 14 years old in this picture and she made her own dress.”

“My handsome grandfather when he was my age (32)”

“My grandpa, 23, posing for his football picture at the University of Chicago in 1922 — he would later become a commander in the U.S. Navy during World War II.”

“My 16-year-old grandmother, 1922”

“My grandpa, only 17 years old in Vietnam”

“My grandpa at 19 years old in 1940”


“My grandma at age 41— I only hope to look that good when I’m 41!”

“I wore my grandmother’s wedding dress from 1956 for my own wedding in 2019. Fit like a dream!”

“This is my grandmother Francine and me around the same age. We both look great with short hair!”

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