18 Photos That Rise So Many Questions

“This cat accidentally became a Batman. But how?”

“This leaf that I thought was a fish.”

“This broken monitor looks like a strange squid.”

“Window guy came by the office and put on an abstract art show.”

“This rock kinda looks like Frankenstein’s monster.”

“This is not a limited edition. These cans just have been left in the sun so long they’ve lost color.”

“My shadow in an open field.”

“I found a keyhole in a brick wall.”

“How is it possible to break it so perfectly!”

“I accidentally cut this nail exactly in half.”

“Switching lamps: new one casting a shadow on the old shade of what appears to be a giant spider.”

“The reflection in this can looks like a face.”

“This kid looks like he was born at 65.”

“Super crisp rainbow.”

“A cow wearing a Halloween mask.”

“My ear print after a nap on my girlfriend.”

“The diffraction in these glasses makes lights cast rainbows.”

“Baby looks like he’s just done a workout.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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