20+ Inventions and Ideas That Didn’t Live Long Enough

When the guy in Florida (I think that’s where it was) tried to walk across the ocean in his home made floating hamster ball and was marooned at sea.

Didn’t Soulja boy try to create his own video game system?

Taco Bell in Mexico.

Anyone remember Amazon’s “Fire Phone”?

The movie, CATS. With every trailer, everyone commented how much a trainwreck it looked like it was going to be. Sure, some people thought it would be in the “so bad it’s good” fun stage. But, nope. It’s just bad.

Any time a friend, coworker, or family member invites you to their mlm party.


Tanacon. Was anyone really surprised? Basically Fyre fest for C list Youtubers.

That time the state of Oregon tried to blow up a beached whale with dynamite. Happened back in 1970. And fortunately we had video cameras back then. Don’t try this at home, kids.

The guy who built a home-made rocket in order to go to space and prove the Earth was flat.

Hooters airlines. Just imagine if that was launched today.


The Treaty of Versailles

That guy who tried to travel to the North Sentinel Islands in the hopes of converting its inhabitants to Christianity. For context, the inhabitants of North Sentinel Islands kill anyone who tries to approach with bows and arrows, and nothing is off limits, even aircrafts.

When the hitchhiker bot went coast to coast across Canada, through Germany and the Netherlands successfully and was then beheaded in Philadelphia after being in the States for two weeks.


Was the Titanic of new ventures: pretty much everything that could go wrong did, much of it out of misplaced hubris. To save money, Target outsourced warehouse to store delivery. In practice that meant trucks arriving with skids of missing product and more skids of broken product and no ownership of the issues. Rather than recruit people with big box experience, they relied heavily on MBAs, meaning management was even further out of touch with the events on the ground than they could have been. It was just a horror show all around, and a mercy when it finally died.

Zune. I loved mine, but there was no way it was going to become the iPod killer it was trying to be.

The War On Drugs. Spoiler alert: drugs won.

Removing the Dislike button…

Success is no easy task, but sometimes things are set up to fail. Over at…

Q Anon waiting for JFK Jr to rise from the dead.

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