18 Photos Will Prove You That Nature Is Creative

“I found a cicada with the McDonald’s logo on it.”

“A tomato from my garden with ‘stitching’ it used to heal itself”

“This apple’s flesh is the same color as its skin.”

“This dead plant looks like a broomstick.”

“A mushroom with an apple print”

“My wife found this tiny skink in our garden, some much-needed brightness on a foggy grey day…”

“This cracked nut looks like a barn owl.”

“Heart-shaped rocks… some better than others!”

“The way this apple grew between the branches”

“This Tibetan Cherry tree at my local park looks like copper!”

“This perfect clove of garlic”

“We just harvested corn from our garden. It has ONE kernel.”

“This gigantic potato that looks like Sid from Ice Age.”

“A leaf with zig zag marks”

“A perfectly round egg a hen laid at work”

“This tomato plant is growing out of a tree.”

“This mammoth sunflower I grew”

“A lizard with 3 tails that I spotted in my garden”

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