Please, Take My Money: Star Wars Ice Cube Molds

Star Wars fans will love dropping one of these nerdy ice cubes in their drink. This set of 8 Star Wars ice molds includes all of your favorite refrences including the Millenium Falcon, Stormstroopers, x-wing, Han in Carbonite, and more!

This set of 8 Star Wars Trays are a MUST HAVE for any Star Wars fan!

Star Wars Character molds are safe to use up to 440°F. This means you can make more than just Star Wars Character ice cubes! Candy, chocolate, crayons and soaps can all be made with this set. And if you are stuck for ideas then no problem! We have you covered with our Recipe E-Book which is filled with tasty, crafty ideas that also contain a few tips and tricks!

Star Wars has captured the hearts and minds of many sci-fi fans for nearly 40 years and the love of this franchise has been passed on from generation to generation. If you haven’t joined the hype then it’s never too late, and these molds will make any Star Wars Marathon night a get together to be remembered!

May the force be with you!

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