18 Things That Are Outrageous!

“When the audio and the video don’t sync up by more than half a second.”


“That shark fin shaped spot on my windshield that my wipers can’t reach.”


“Leaving the dish scrubber in the sink with the dirty dishes. I don’t want to reach my hand into the mucky water to find the thing, ffs! And if it’s totally gross, I have to clean it off so I can use it to scrub the dishes. C’mon!”


“Putting on the brights to compensate for a dead headlight.”


“When you are gonna walk through a door and your shirt or backpack,etc gets stuck on the handle.”


“People who try to get on the elevator before letting people off.”


“When the microwave keeps beeping even after you’ve opened the door to get your food out. Like I know it’s done, that’s why I’m opening it, you don’t need to keep screaming at me thanks.”


“People that pull out in front of you, when no one is driving behind you, and then drive 20 miles an hour.”


“Y’know that little bit of soda at the bottom of the can that you can never reach?”


“Those beauty kiosks at the mall that try to hand out cr#ppy samples then chase you down when you don’t take one.”


“People who are making a phone call while simultaneously making a transaction with a live human being in front of them. “Yeah I’m here for my meds…. hold on one second…. I know, Jake, isn’t that crazy? I thought the same thing…. my birthdate? Ok…”. Just get off the damn phone. So rude!”


“People when theres a clear line-up at a gas station till, bust out a massive wad of lottery tickets, and then you spend 10mins listening to “wahoo!” Or “not a winner!” When you just want to get to work.”


“People who spend 10 mins circling a half-full parking lot to find a marginally closer spot to the store entrance.

If they’d just picked a parking spot a bit further out they’d be in the store already instead of circling. And their incessant circling creates traffic for people trying to leave the lot or walk to their car. Just park 15 spots further away already!”


“The phrase “we’ll touch base”. It absolutely grates on me. I have no reason to hate it. I just do.”


“People that walk through busy pedestrian areas with zero self awareness. You know the ones- almost bumping into you as they’re glued to their phones, stopping suddenly in front of you to gaze in a window, 4 people walking spread out and making others step in to the street… The list goes on.”


“People who stand in a 30 minute line, but wait until they get to the register to look at the menu.”


“I have an aunt who turns on her cellphone when she needs to call someone. When she is done she turns it off. No one can ever reach her..so at the end we always call her husband.”


“Video game ads that don’t show actual gameplay footage.”



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