The Biggest Snowfall In Spain In Nearly 50 Years!

“Snow Fight In Madrid, Covered In Snow For The First Time In 51 Years”

“Big Snowfall These Days In Madrid. Naoki Went Out Exploring The Backyard. He’s A Real Viking!”

“Snow-Woman Level Over 9000”

“Cows Making Their Way Through The Very Deep Snow Cover On The Slopes Of Montes De León In Northwestern Spain Yesterday, Jan 9th. Do You Think They Like The Snow Or Do They Just Want To Get To The Stables Asap?”

“Madrid Has Seen Its Heaviest Snowfall Since 1971”

“My Father’s Car Is Down There. Many Trees Have Fallen After Biggest Snowfall In The Last Century In Downtown Madrid (Spain)”

“Making The Best Out Of It Had To Drive Home This Morning, 16hours Car Ride. Found My Car Stuck In Over 50cm Of Snow”

“The Aftermath: Largest Snowfall In The Past 50 Years In Madrid, Spain – 406 Roads Cut”

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