18 Things That Look Familiar

“My girlfriend moved in.”

“Lady in front of me during a 4 hour flight.”

“Black Friday. No spaces to park. He saw me taking the pic and called me Karen.”

“I’m the only apartment with the holiday spirit.”

“People who do this.”

“This men’s restroom has intentionally removed virtually all privacy.”

“This outlet setup I had to do to not blow myself up.”

“Is it so hard to cut toilet paper neatly?”

“Almost totally empty dishwasher, roommate loads their plate like this. I live with animals.”

“These came in the same bag.”

“It’s so annoying.”

“Hello? I’d like to file a complaint.”

“How my sister leaves the toothpaste.”

“The mailman didn’t feel like going up my driveway, so he just tossed my packages at the side of the road and left.”

“Those traffic signs.”

“How my family eats cheesecake.”

“When business shirts do this.”

“Been looking for my ‘delivered’ packages for the past few days.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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