18 Times When Old Things Get A Second Chance

“Almost fainted in delight! (used Pink Stuff and window cleaner)”

“Cleaned behind a neglected stove.”

“Brass cleaner is worth the investment.”

“Got a deep highlighter stain out of the carpet after a couple of hours. Used a tiny bit of nail polish remover”

“Cleaned my bathroom faucet knobs, so easy!!”

“On to the next room!”

“Finally tried out a barkeeper’s friend’s trick on my sink! It’s not perfect but good enough.”

“My internet was down all morning so I used the offline time to clean. Took A LOT of scrubbing, but years of grease/burns are gone!”

“I hardcore cleaned my oven and I’ve never felt so satisfied.”

“Stayed at my boyfriend’s apartment while he was away. I don’t think these showerhead has been cleaned since his first day there…”

“The powder and a no-scratch scour pad. Took a couple of rounds but most of it came off pretty quickly.”

“I cleaned up under the sink.”

“Power washed for the very first time, thought you guys would enjoy.”

“Neglected warehouse floor”

“When I first got this pot, it looked really bad. Now, it’s as good as new.”

“Plug socket before and after”

“Gave my depression dungeon a makeover! My dog really loved piles of clothes everywhere.”

“Satisfying silver cleaning”

Bonus: “Wedding ring went through the garbage disposal. I fixed it!”

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