37 Photos Show The Lesser-Seen Side Of Russian Life

Sergey Kolyaskin portrays the beauty, simplicity, and uniqueness of living in Russia. He has already held 15 solo exhibitions, published two albums, and participated in all sorts of contests. Sergey has his own photography school and travels all over the world with his camera in hand, but still likes to show Russia’s everyday life every now and again.

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Old Friends

Cat And Cat Sit On The Window


Best Friends

Through The Snowstorm

Forgotten Villages

White Nights In St. Petersburg



Flaming Troops

Woman And Cat

Before The Eyes Of The North

Journey Through The Puddles

Summer In The City

Philosophy Of Freedom

The Waltz

Farewell To My Son

The Water Fountain

We Have Our Own Paris!

Sweet Tooth

Love And Rockets

Street Faces

A Passing Story

Crazy St. Petersburg

Spring In The County Town

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