18 Trends That Need To Go Away Forever

“I keep seeing these memes that say “I don’t know who needs to hear this but..” followed by a generic piece of advice.

It’s not that bad.. but generally most trends on social media are annoying. Including most memes.”


“I’m beyond annoyed with the “no one will share” memes on Facebook. Really? Why do people feel if their stupid s@#t isn’t liked or shared their existence means nothing?”


“The period where everyone is using charcoal products. It’s really horrible for your teeth and I really don’t know about the other products that are supposed to “improve” anything.”


“Gig work and the push to be hustling all the time.”


“How recipes need to share a life story over five pages worth of text before getting to the actual recipe.”


““Pranks” at the expense of retail and food service workers for likes on social media.”


“Am I the only one (Something everyone does).”


“Causing chaos in public for likes.”


“Smash that Like button!”


“When a popular game comes out and everyone in the video game industry ONLY makes games that are like that one game. I don’t want 20 goddamn different battle royal games in 2 years I want a bigger variety of games that’ll get me interested”


“Live laugh and f@#k off”


“Twitter users starting they’re tweets with “can we stop pretending that [such and such] is a bad movie” or the endless “[really good movie that everyone knows is good] is such an underrated masterpiece”. Just say what you want about the movie, stop trying to convince people that you’re the minority.”


“Astrology normalising toxicity or/and mental illness symptoms. seeing people explain my mental illness symptoms as “just libra things” is the most frustrating thing.”


“Gender reveal parties. Sorry let me be more specific, it’s not the gender reveal parties, it’s the idea that you need to go above and beyond to reveal your child’s gender. People should keep it nice and simple, you don’t need to start a wildfire to reveal if your child is male or female.”


“They really need to stop this s@#t”


“People who talk on the phone on speaker. Just put it to your damn ear like humanity has been doing since the dawn of time.”



“Anything that passes line from “ah just a new thing that has gotten quite popular to “Being literally everywhere”, mostly words

It’s so annoying recently that ‘cringe’ is being used everywhere that I can barely even tell the meaning of the word anymore

You’re playing insert game here? That’s cringe

You’re on social media? That’s cringe

You’re walking? Cringe

You’re breathing? C r i n g e”


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  1. Can believe this one isn’t in the top 3

    No one –
    Absolutely no one –
    Whoever or whatever – ……………

    Fucken pointless hahaaha

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