18 Unique Vintage Images Depicting Famous Women

This captivating collection offers a glimpse into the lives of renowned women through rare and fascinating photographs.

Jane Fonda at age 21 in 1959:

Jane Fonda now:

Julie Andrews at age 13 in 1948:

Julie Andrews now:

Rita Moreno at age 19 in 1950:

Rita Moreno now:

Goldie Hawn at age 19 in 1964:

Goldie Hawn now:

Vanessa Williams at age 21 in 1984:

Vanessa Williams now:

Helen Mirren at age 23 in 1968:

Helen Mirren now:

Sally Field at age 18 in 1964:

Sally Field now:

Sophia Loren at age 20 in 1954:

Sophia Loren now:

Meryl Streep at age 27 in 1976:

Meryl Streep now:

Oprah Winfrey at age 24 in 1978:

Oprah Winfrey now:


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