18 Lesser-Known Films That Find Audience Approval

This selection unveils a roster of underappreciated movies that have managed to capture the hearts of viewers.

“The Cube trilogy. Kinda janky with the second being so different from 1 and 3 but I love them all”

“Ridley Scott’s first movie The Duelist.”

“That movie is awesome!”

“Enemy Mine
First saw it as a kid, my mom loved scifi movies and it came on TV, she called me over knowing I loved scifi as well and we watched it together. It’s really a terrific movie.”

“Strange brew”

“Mine would be Secondhand Lions. Starts out kinda dark but pretty uplifting by the end.”

“Delicatessen. It’s one of my all time favorite movies.”

“Dark City
Great movie and amazing special effects.”

“Stardust is my favorite movie but at least half the time people have never even heard of it.”

“Buckaroo Banzai.
An 80s Doc Savage.”

“Night of the Comet. It’s cheesy, but I’ll watch it whenever I see it on.”

“A History of Violence
Awesome movie where the guy from Lord of the Rings, Virgil Morgenstein, plays and ex crime syndicate member who is living a new life with his family while his past slowly comes back to confront him”

“The station agent”

“Heavyweights: Early 90’s Ben Stiller chews it up as a psychotic owner of a children’s fat camp.”

“Primer. Best time travel movie ever, made on a shoestring budget, written by an engineer.”

“Brazil. An absolute classic, however I have only met very few people who have seen it.”

“The guy who directed Parasite – Bong Joon Ho – has made a lot of great stuff. The Host is an excellent monster movie, but my favourite, and one of my all time favourite films, is Memories Of Murder.
It’s a true story about a serial killer and the fumbled attempts to catch him. It’s simultaneously funny and heartbreaking.”

“Evolution (2001)

It’s such a silly sci-fi creature/alien life form movie.”


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