18 Very Bad Ideas That Worked Out In The End

“I bought tickets to a Guns n Roses concert in Maryland to resell. No one bought them. Drove 4 hours to see that show and it was one of the best concerts I ever went to”

“Got married in a vegas drive thru to a women I knew for 5 days. She’s a wonderful person, I lucked out.”

“Quit an executive gig at a fortune 100 company to start a t-shirt company.”

“Hooking up with the cute girl at the Kmart customer service desk. We celebrate our 9th anniversary in a few days. Oh, and she gave us a wonderful little boy.”

“Quit my job in September to go back to school and complete my degree at age 47. All my class are online because of COVID, and I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. But my first semester back is almost over, and I’m carrying three A’s and a B. Plus I’ve got grants and savings, so no student loans once I graduate.”

“My best friend had me officiate his wedding.”

“Once I had to fire a lady I charge of the whole computer system but she was the only one who knew how to run it. She would never fully train anyone how to use it.

I decided to say we were creating a training manual and she was in charge of writing out the instructions for her and her assistant role. We also developed a training Manual for another department she sometimes helped in. We were able to finally fire her and actually developed the first trading manual for the company.”


“Stopped going to college to take a break since my grades were diving. Entered a trade as an electrician to gain some income during the “break”. Turns out I’m much better at working with my hands than sitting in class. I make a great living and I enjoy my work.”

“Dating my childhood neighbor’s ex-husband 1 month after they got divorced… 10 years and 2 little blond boys later, not such a bad idea”

“Skipping college and going to cosmetology school. No student debt, own my own business, make good $$, work on my own schedule, love what I do”

“Quitting my bulls@#t, Walmart corporate job to be a stay-at-home Father.”

“$300 bet on the table in virtual blackjack got a couple kings got real fired up and in my drunken state accidentally pressed double down instead of stay. Panicked that I got 600 now on the hand and the dealer chucks me an ace! Huge celly boys to the bar beers on me”

“Responding to someone randomly sliding in my dms”

“Buying my first Jeep, and so beginning an uncontrollable addiction and poor financial stability; but at least I’m not on drugs”

“Planned to move to Thailand to teach diving with a girl, my dive instructor, (friends) I’ve know for 3 months. Sell everything we own and put it in a joint bank account, cause that’s easier. Thailand didnt work out but we got married 2 years later and after 11 years total, have remained happily married with great careers and a child.”

“Too many to list and too embarrassing to admit”

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