19 GIFs Prove That Old Internet Was Quite A Place

“This site is under construction” = ‘Oh, spinning animated construction signs! That’ll make up for my half-@$$ed attempt at an Evangelion fan page!”


“Incoming ROFLCOPTER!”


“The term World Wide Web still sounds quite romantic to me. It fills me with nostalgia for the idea that connecting with the rest of the world was this exciting thing.

A similar feeling to looking up at airplanes and wondering where they’re going.”


“Downloading (illegal) songs, but the title/artist/album would all be wrong. It lead to quite a few situations where I loved a song but had no idea what it was really called because someone messed up the file name.”



“wanna cyber?””


“Instead of being tricked into seeing Rick Astley, we got tricked into seeing a man’s giant, gaping @$$hole or a woman in a tub shooting a stream of liquid s@#t into the air.”


“There were a bunch of variations basically for “There’s a parent in the room, act cool!”. I don’t remember any of them now. I still love BRB!”


“Anybody else remember the old chat messenger service ICQ?”


“Free porn used to involve waiting for individual pictures to download from text only indexes.”


“Modems singing the song of their people everytime you wanted to connect

Think that sound is forever engrained into my mind”


“There was lots of virtual slapping of one another with wet fish. You had to be there.”


““Everyone who likes Michael Jackson press Alt+F4 now!”

1. Michael Jackson was alive and well at the time

2. This was done in chat rooms on AOL and other places, where you could see a list of all the users currently in the group.

3. Alt+F4 is the Windows shortcut to close the currently active window.

So it was a fun way to watch a bunch of people suddenly drop off the list because they unknowingly exited the room.”


“All your base are belong to us.”


“On a BBS ( bulletin board service) you could play rpgs with others called a MUD ( multi user dungeon)”


“I remember using text “emoticons” a lot. Like :p


Here’s a guy on a skateboard”


“Well you couldn’t just work on websites or be an HTML coder. If you were into any of that, you were a Webmaster!”


“AOL internet disks, they were a 500, 750 or 1,000 minute trial access to the internet without paying AOL for its services.

My family had internet for about 5 years from so many of those disks”


“In the nascent stages of the internet you would commonly hear “Get off the internet, I need the phone.”

The dial up modem on the computer connected through the phone line meaning you couldn’t use both simultaneously.”


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