19 Cool Easter Eggs Found In Real Life

“The futurama boxes have 30th century fox”

“The new subway cars in Stockholm have some interesting ventilation covers”

“The footrest in this Jeep says “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks” in morse code.”

“Walking past a local garden in my neighborhood, I noticed they labeled the power line along with all the other plants”

“This camouflage PlayStation controller covered in camouflaged PlayStation controllers”

“Just discovered our test shipping labels at work have a little Mario hidden in them.”

“Cadburys snuck their trademark ‘C’ in the middle of their Roses’ rose”

“This Marge Simpson hair pole, for lack of a better term”

“Found a tribute to Eddie Van Halen on the bottom of my beer”

“There’s brass fish in the floor at the Seattle airport. This one, off by himself, has a suitcase”

“Paper airplane instructions inside an envelope”

“Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Turbo features a stethoscope in honour of the designer’s cancer doctor, who owned the real car.”

“Canadian passport when held under UV light”

“Mom came by and saw me at work today. I looked down and noticed this. Shows remaining tread as the tire wears down.”

“The tag on my New Belgium Brewing shirt has a picture of the lady who sewed it.”

“Jerry in the wall of a pet store”

“The Irish passport has a tricolour flag binding”

“This bar had a mini version of itself on the wall.”

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