19 Crazy And Weird Designs

“So, someone came in today asking for a type of heel that wouldn’t hurt their feet… This is where we sent the client…”

“Barbie would feel right at home.”

“Who needs a bottle opener?”

“The little birds in the backyard like this.”

“Probably the strangest thing about this image is not that it was painted on a toilet, but that 2 lions seemed to have pledged loyalty to a cockatoo queen. Long live the cockatoo!!”

“Only for true hockey fans, the rest of you stay away!”

“Found at my local flea market.”

“Munich City Center, someone decided to knit a bike, and its chain too!”

“Tires will now know a new life as a piece of furniture. It’s certainly ecological, but we’re not really loving it.”

“If for whatever reason you do not have a Christmas tree, you can use these as a last resort. We can’t guarantee your kids will be too happy about it though.”

“Apartment hunting when… pebble river”

“Who says crown molding is overdone?”

“Giant gummy bear made of solid Velveeta cheese”

“Aaaah yes… the lovely city of Toot Rno where we don’t take naps.”

“Cheese flavored keys I just designed / resin printed”

“American pool table”

“This bowl looks like it’s perpetually dirty.”

“Took me WAY too long to buzz the apartment I wanted…”

“Somebody decided it was a good idea to make a mix of Robert Jeffrey “Bobby” Hill, from King of the Hill, with Sailor Moon.”

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