39 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

“I Like To Make Little Drawings Of People That I See”

“This Crack In The Pavement Filled With A Stained Glass Cat Portrait”

“My Rhododendron Looks Like It’s Trying To Run Off”

“I Ordered Some Sample Colors For New Blinds, And They Sent Me Actual Tiny Little Blinds”

“Saw This Logo For A Pet Grooming Service On My Drive Home”

“We Use Hulk Hands To Move Cacti At My Work”

“Many Vegetables In The U.k. Have The Name Of The Farmer Who Grew Them On The Packaging”

“This LEGO Set Has Loose Change In The Couch”

“My Girlfriend Bought Some Particular Measuring Spoons”

“Found Band-Aids For Different Skin Tones At Target”

“My City Has Public Defibrillation Stations And The Sign For It Looks Like A Video Game Health Bar”

“My Phone Took This Photo When It Fell On My Face”

“The Apartment That I Just Moved Into, Has A Picture Of A Pig Jumping Off A Dock”

“I Have A One Third Of A Dollar Bill From February 17th, 1776, Making It A Couple Months Older Than The USA”

“This Shopping Cart Has A Magnifying Glass Attached To It”

“There Is A Free “Period Pack” At My School For Girls Who Are Unprepared For Their Periods”

“Got Vaccinated And Just Realized They Gave My Fox An Eyepatch”

“My Great Grandfather’s Oscar Nomination From 1944”

“These Two UK Phone Booths Have Been Repurposed”

“My Son And I Have Matching Freckles In The Same Spot”

“This Is Me Wearing My Great Grandmothers Traditional Finnish Dress From 1936”

“The Note I Found In This Second Hand Book”

“There’s A Cute Little Excavator Graphic On The Window Of This Excavator”

“I Found The Elusive Skin Colour Crayon Box At Michael’s Today”

“I Ordered A 119 Year-Old Book Online And Quite A Few Pages Are Uncut- Meaning No One Ever Read It”

“The Air Vents On A Subway In Stockholm Have A Hidden Pacman Easter Egg”

“The Tiles Around Our Apartment Complex Is Made Up Like The Enemies In Space Invaders”

“My Son Was Born With A Black Spot Of Hair In His Blonde Hair. It Grows In Black, And There Is No Birth Mark Or Discoloration Under It”

“This Hair That Got Caught In A Zipper”

“The Sun On My Window Made A Rainbow That’s Split In Half By My Chair Leg”

“There Is A Live Crayfish Defending The Rice Aisle In My Local Asian Market”

“This Random Swing In The Middle Of A Field”

“The Font Size On My Contact Packaging Increased With My Prescription”

“One Of The Eggs I Bought Was All Wrinkly”

“Got A Deep Space Telescope For My 38th Birthday. Me For Size!”

“The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone”

“Our Electrician Left All Of The Screws In A Vertical Position In Our New Kitchen”

“Shadow Keeping The Snow Alive”

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