19 Crazy Things That Are Still Legal

“A parent keeping their kid from the other parent when there’s no good reason to and leveraging the courts to do it.”


“Hearing a honking sound in a radio commercial.”


“Putting unrelated cr#p into bills to sneak it into law. I know they’re supposed to follow some kind rules related to germaneness, but they clearly don’t, and clearly need actual laws with actual punishments for pulling this cr#p.”


“Not the worst thing, but it used to be illegal for commercials on TV to be louder than the actual show but not any longer suddenly.”


“Co-workers that don’t shower.”


“Lobbying is fine. Lobbying that involves a “contribution” of some kind is the problem. Campaign funds are the real problem.”


“Our media driving a wedge between the populace to fuel division in order to satisfy ratings, purely for the purpose of entertainment and profit. Not facts.”


“Child beauty pageants.”


“The troubled teen industry. Parents pay a company to kidnap kids while they’re sleeping and send them off to “therapeutic” boarding schools where they are abused in every conceivable way. It’s f@#ked.”


“For profit f@#king prisons. Lol wut?”


“Being penalized for calling out sick from work. Edit. Even while the whole world is trying to survive this pandemic, we’re still dealing with this major issue by employers. I work in health care, and I feel like I get shamed by my managers and coworkers when you call out. Especially when you work the night shift.”


“The exploitation of nature, to the level that hurts everyone.”


“The size of the “x” button on pop-up ads.”


“Marriage. Specifically a 14 y/o getting married to a 40 y/o with the parent’s consent. That’s just wrong.”


“Lawsuits over every little thing. They’ve ruined people’s sense of personal responsibility.”


“Scam calls and solicitation calls. I swear they USED to be illegal at one point.”




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