19 Different Street Foods From Around The World

Chicken cutlet – Taiwan

Noodle+tea at a bus stop – Myanmar

Patat Doner! Fries, lamb meat, and garlic mayo – Netherlands

Mutabak (very thin dough stuffed with chives, green onions, beaten eggs, ground beef, goes amazing with a squeeze of lemon) – Saudi Arabia

Street Tacos, 5 for $2.70 – Tulum, Mexico

Belgian waffle – Bruges, Belgium

Jerk chicken – Antigua

Takoyaki in Osaka, Japan

Bratwurst – Berlin

Dutch pancakes- Edinburgh

Dollar noodles – Cambodia

Chicken congee with fried dough – Vietnam

Grilled scallops and eel on skewers in Tsukiji Market , Tokyo

Cured ham on a fresh baguette. €5 – Nimes, France

Keema Par Edu which translates to fried egg on top of minced meat – Iran

Black eyed beans, palm oil, grated cassava, fried plantains and a boiled egg popularly known as yeko gari – Ghana

Salbutes (fried corn masa, stewed chicken, cabbage and tomatoes) – Belize

Korean fried chicken

Bun bo in Hue – Vietnam

Source: cavemancircus.com

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