44 Photos Of Precious Puppies That Were Spotted Doing All Kinds Of Things

“Cultural Post. In Nepal, We Have A Dedicated Day To Worship And Celebrate Dogs Called “Kukur Tihar” Aka Doggo Festival. On This Day, Dogs All Over The Country Are Worshipped With Flowers, Tika, Sweets, Food, Etc”

“Dog In Deep Reflection. Kinda Wanted To Give The Guy A Hug And Talk Through His Problems”

“Spotted These Four Angels With Their Dog Walker Ar The Pub Yesterday- Apparently They Sit With Him Every Day While He Has A Coffee And Reads The Paper. My Heart Could Barely Handle It”

“Buddha Is 13 And Melted My Heart”

“His Owner’s Shrub Has Been Indented To Fit His Face Because He Likes To Stick His Face When Visitors Pass”

“I Met Teddy At Work Today And Might Quit Just Hang Out With Him Forever”

“What Goes On In The Woods, Stays In The Woods…”

“We Just Found Out We Have A Neighbor Doggo”

“Spotted Ollie At The Derby Day Wiener Dog Race Supporting His Friends”

“Two Central Park Heroes And Good Bois! The Statue Is Of Balto. He Was A Sled Dog That Delivered Penicillin To Children”

“One Man’s Pile Of Building Sand Is Another Puppy’s Ultimate Playground”

“Another Salon Visitor ! Sophie”

“Showed Up To A BBQ And Saw The Sweetest Boy”

“I Aspire To Be This Content In Life”

“Spotted At A Toy Collectors Fair. The One Item Everyone Agreed Upon”

“Quality Spot In Budapest One For When The Doggo Might Run Away”

“Seen On My Lunch Break! He Ordered 3 Plain Burgers For Them. Great Pyrenees Puppies”

“Meet Lincoln, He Takes After His Father Who Also Used To Perch Upon The Colonial Hotel Sign”

“Accidentally Got Startled By This Fireman Boy While Eating Tacos, Then We Became Friends. So Polite. A True Gentle Giant”

“Guarding At 17,800+ Feet!”

“Met Ollie On A Ship In Malta. He Is A Serial Hand Licker”

“First Glance I Saw A Lab On A Bike A Few More Looks And I Saw There Was Two More Labs ! Apparently 3 Generations ….grandma Dog Her Son And Then Her Sons Pup! They Literally Wait Like This For The Owner To Come Out”

“This Is Tess, She’s An Angel Who Will Take Every Opportunity To Sit On Your Knee And Be Smug About It”

“Welcome Zelda!! 8 Weeks Old Lab And Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mix. She Will Quickly Become A Regular For Sure. She Just Needs Her Mighty Sword”

“I Squealed When I Looked Up And Saw This Handsome Hunk! He Was The Best Boy On The Flight From NYC To Greenville, Sc. Never Moved Or Made Any Noise Except When He Edged Up The Aisle Looking For His Mom When She Went Into The Lavatory”

“Saw This Beautiful Girl In Paris, She Was Very Tired After Traveling”

“Double Spot At Chichen Itza”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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