19 Houses That Are A Bit Weird

“Me: “I’d love a couch.”Son-in-law: “Say no more!”Meet my couch:”

“When you have a puppy at home, you make a lot of interesting design choices.”

“My daughter has just viewed a flat and this is the living room ceiling. She says it doesn’t feel like home, though. So now I want to rent the flat and live in it!”

“My aunt’s bathroom”

“I never actually realized how weird these are since I lived with them all my life.”

“Wife and I are house hunting, this was the master bathroom. Why?”

“This is not just a painting. There’s a bathroom behind it.”

“My frog is so ugly that it’s cute. My husband doesn’t like it, but I love it!”

“Made a boho-style tent in my room.”

“My school’s choice of decor. And the dining room is completely pink.”

“The cashier said it was the ugliest thing she’s ever seen. But it looks great at my place!”

“Looks like they got a little lonely and decided to make a papier-mâché guest!”

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