19 Libraries That Are Already Living In The Future

“My university library has a wall where you can quite literally take a seat”

“This library has noise-level devices that change color to tell you how loud you’re getting”

“My local library has vault you can go into to talk on your phone.”

“The library places the books on the lower shelves on their sides so the titles are easier to read.”

“Basement floor of my campus library has a treadmill with a computer, so you can exercise & study at the same time.”

“When libraries troll their patrons.”

“At my library you can pick up bags of books in a certain genre without knowing what those books are”

“This sign at my University with the number for the library police.”

“These little dots on the stairrail of our library that indicates which floor you reached walking up the stairs.”

“This train station has a library book vending machine”

“This library has a directory for topics people might be embarrassed to ask for.”

“My library gives out earplugs on the silent floor”

“My library loans out themed “Binge Boxes””

“This subway car in Seoul has a mini library”

“My library receipt shows how much money I’ve saved.”

“Had a volunteer help me make these stools out of our discarded books for new library seating.”

“At this library in Philadelphia you can rent cake pans”

“Library has “Recently Returned” section so you can see what other people have been reading”

“My local library has bee hive in the kids section, with a tube that leads to the outside.”

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