This Guy Explains The Meaning Of “Triscuit” And Gets Rewarded By The Company

Ever wondered what ‘Triscuit’ actually means? Would you be surprised if we told it’s not ‘#3 plus biscuit’?

Well, this guy solved the mystery, and shared his discoveries with the internet

At a party, Sage Boggs raised the question and started figuring it all out

Google wasn’t too helpful, so he went straight to the source

Aaaand the source doesn’t know. But at least they confirmed that it doesn’t mean #3

So, his journey continued and soon he found a key clue—ads from the early 1900s

Turns out, they used to make these crackers using electricity—a novel process at the time

And that’s when it hit him—it’s elec-tri-city and biscuit

Oh, it gets better as Triscuit themselves confirmed this and sent him some goodies for the research

Here’s how people reacted to this discovery

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  1. I dont think he figured it out and the company lost all records so they are Bs on their confirmation. Its something else haahahqha

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