19 Photos Show How Fun Family Life Is

“Stepped out of the shower to this audience my toddler had set up.”

“Guys, it’s going great.”

“I think my toddler was hungry…”

“I told my wife I wanted an entire pecan pie for myself. This is what she brought home from the store… Well played, sweetheart.”

“Every year with my brother, we buy a surprise gift for each other. This year was awesome. Laughed for 10 minutes straight.”

“I mailed my sister one square of toilet paper and it was delivered.”

“I love my mom, so I baked her a cake for her birthday, which is also Christmas Eve. It turned out…beautiful?”

“I want a divorce.”

“Throwing a football at a TV — what could go wrong?”

“My mom is using her laptop in the RAIN on the BEACH.”

“We decided a dolly was the best way to move the pennies my dad has collected since 1989 in an antique glass water jug. We were wrong.”

“My daughter turns 1 next week. She learned to play hide and seek today.”

“My mom and Betty White, circa 1990”

“My 4-year-old put cupcakes in my dress shoes. Are they ruined?”

“’Salisbury steak’ cake made by my sister-in-law”

“Saw these little chocolate bars lying on the table and decided to take a bite.”

“Turns out my brother painted solid clay brown at school today to prank me. Needless to say, he got me.”

“My sister promised to water my garden while I was away for 3 weeks.”

“The first photo is just before I left, and the second photo is what I returned home to.”

“Today, I found out that my 85-year-old grandma puts these little people in seashells and then hides them on the beach for kids to find.”

“Weird Christmas tradition: my parents buy me these bird pens every year without fail. Here’s my collection after about 10 years.”

“I’m a 26-year-old male, by the way…”

Source: brightside.me

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