40+ Extremely Dangerous ‘Death Stairs’

“Abandoned Staircase, Croatia”

“This Is Jacob’s Ladder In Falmouth, UK On 3rd Nov 2022 During A Terrible Downpour”

“Philadelphia Trinity. Get Called To Look At These A Lot. There Really Isn’t Much Ya Can Do – The Houses Are Pretty Much The Size Of A Stairwell. Not Even Enough Room To Get A Photo But You Have To Duck As You Descend”

“Bet Those Icy Nights Are Tough On The Pizza Delivery Guy!”

“I’m Positive I Would Find A Way To Get My Foot Stuck And Hang Upside Down For Hours (Or Days) Until Someone Found Me”

“This Thing Bends From A Ladder To Stairs Near The Middle, If You Even Reach The Middle”

“Escalator In A Fancy Hotel In Dallas, Converted Into Stairs. No Idea Why. You Don’t Realize How Conditioned Your Body Is To Adjust To The Movement Of An Escalator, Until You Step Onto A Fake One”

“Some Nice Ladders To Escape The Fire Without Injuries”

“The Stairs Going Down To “The Pit” At The Plant I’m Working On. Covered In Years Of Grease And Metal Punch Outs”

“Driving Through Virginia This Weekend And Saw This Insanity….. They Lead No Where”

“Takes Some Guts To Step Onto Here! I Gather It’s Tijuca Peak – Rio De Janeiro And I’m Not Planning To Visit Any Time Soon!”

“Floating Death Stairs At Machu Picchu, Peru…. I’m Sure That Drop Off On The Left When You Slip Is Just Fiiiiiiiin”

“The Frozen Stairs Of Death! Stairs Up To The Top Of Snowdon, North Wales, UK!”

“Eah, Have A Few Drinks Upstairs At The Restaurant, Then Good Luck Navigating The Geometric Nightmare That Awaits”

“Huangshan Mountain, China”

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