19 TV Shows That Deserve Another Shot

Prepare to dive back into the world of television as we present you with 19 captivating TV shows that truly deserve a second look. Whether they were initially overlooked, misunderstood, or simply ahead of their time, these hidden gems have something extraordinary to offer.

From thought-provoking storytelling to exceptional performances, these shows possess the qualities that make them worthy of rediscovery. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore these underrated treasures and give them the attention they truly deserve.

“The last man on earth”

“Altered Carbon S1 got mixed ratings when it’s a sci-fi masterpiece.”

“Hannibal. So many twists and turns, really gives you a feel for how dark and mysterious Lector could be.”

“People are sleeping on The Righteous Gemstones.

Succession and Barry are stealing all the HBO thunder these days. They deserve the acclaim they get but TRG is hilarious and deserves more love.”

“Rome. – It was fantastic retelling of story of Marc Anthony, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra all though the eyes of two fictional Roman soldiers”

“Banshee – criminally underrated, in large part due being on a relatively unknown network.

Stars Anthony Starr (Homelander on The Boys), and featuring fantastic performances from Hoon Lee and Ulrich Thomsen. The plot is interesting, the characters are compelling, and the action is some of the best on TV.Highly recommended!”

“Sirens. It’s like Brooklyn 99 but with EMTs and a little darker. Not a lot. Still a comedy. But like if the writers of Always Sunny wrote for Brooklyn 99”


It’s a cop sci-fi show. It has good characters, action, mystery, plot, many episodes.”

“The Leftovers has high ratings but it’s not talked about as much as it should be”

“Last Kingdom – A British show about Saxon who was raised as a Dane (viking). It was very similar to Vikings so I guess the one came first over shadowed it. Apart from some historical inaccuracies it was a fantastic show it also got a movie.”

“I don’t hear a lot of people talk about Love, Death + Robots on Netflix, but that show is awesome. Little sci-fi animated shorts that are all unique in art and story. I dig it.”

“The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret was hilarious.”

“What We Do In The Shadows. Best sitcom on tv right now.”

“Babylon Berlin. It’s a noir historical fiction show set in the Berlin of the late 1920s. It does a great job as a period piece and while the start can be a little slow it has some pretty good payoffs.

It’s originally German but also has an English dub (I recommend subs though) and came out around the same time as Dark. You can watch it on Netflix/Sky (depending on where you live).”

“The Americans”

“Happy Endings.

Hilarious dialogue and storylines. Amazing chemistry among the cast. Overall feel good show.”

“Swarm. Relatively new show by Donald Glover.”

“Person Of Interest.”

“Halt and Catch Fire is phenomenal.

It’s like Mad Men, but set in the 80s and about computing instead of advertising. It’s also significantly better than Mad Men.”


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