38 Provocative Photos Offering A Fresh Look At History

Embark on a thought-provoking journey through time with these captivating photos that offer a compelling and fresh perspective on history. These provocative images challenge conventional narratives, inviting you to reevaluate preconceived notions and explore untold stories.

Prepare to be captivated as you witness history through a new lens, prompting reflection, curiosity, and a deeper understanding of the complexities that shape our past.

“Dapper Young Man All Dressed Up To Have His Photo Made, 1905”

“Neighborhood Kids Sharing A Laugh In Nebraska, 1910”

“Three Women Who Completed Their Education And Graduated As Physicians In Philadelphia, 1885”

“Portrait Of A Very Handsome Young Man, 1904”

“These Progressive High School Girls Learn The Finer Points Of Auto Mechanics In 1927”

“A Young Woman Posing For A Studio Portrait, Kentucky, 1890-1910”

“Three Young Ladies Posing With A Friend, 1930”

“Madame Decourcelle The First Female Taxi Driver In Paris, France, 1909”

“Shy Young Woman Smiling For The Camera 143 Years Ago”

“Apache Woman And Child. Fort Apache, Arizona, 1898”

“Louis & Lola, Titanic Survivors”

“4 Generations, 1 Picture, 1905”

“Young Couple In Love, 1920s”

“Edwardian Woman With Her Friend, 1905”

“A Promising Young Photographer, 1880s”

“Woman And Horse By Félix Thiollier, 1899”

“A Father With His 4 Daughters, 1904”

“In The 1940s, Men Dressed In Shorts And Cowboy Boots Served Up To Women At A Drive Through In Texas”

“Mother With Her Daughter, 1880”

“Elk River And His Wife, Montana, 1890”

“1926 Easter Celebration With Some Very Happy Children!”

“Butterfly Boy, New York City, 1949”

“Mother And Daughter Watch A Tall Ship Navigate The Thames In London, 1880”

“Barefoot Kids At A Mobile Book Cart In The Appalachian Mountains”

“Pulling Out A Splinter In 1910”

“Young Ladies In Norway, 1890s”

“A ‘Man In The Moon’ Hair-Beard Combo, 1895”

“Two Friends Strolling In A Cool Stream On A Warm Day, 1910”

“The High Jump At Olympics Games In London, 1908”

“A Family From Wisconsin, Late 1800s”

“Happy New Year 1907”

“A Stylish Woman Walking Her Dog At The Bois De Boulogne In Paris, 1910”

“A Mom Asks Not To Kiss Her Baby To Avoid Catching A Bug, 1939”

“Mistletoe Salesmen, Paris, 1928”

“Portrait Of A Young Boy, Claude Clark, Sitting On A Rocking Horse, 1902”

“The Noonans, A Family Of 15 Living In 1920s. Lawrence, Massachusetts”

“A Drunken Man In Top Hat And Tails Clings To A Lamp-Post, London, 1934”

“A One Room School House, 1923”

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