13 People Who Have Changed Themselves Drastically

Age ~11 to 20 – I owe a lot to contacts, braces, filling in my eyebrows, and my hairline somehow growing forward.


Before and after strabismus surgery for alternating esotropia

Made it a year on reddit and 6 months with no drugs or alcohol! My wife says I’m looking better ever day. I Hope if you’re reading this you have a wonderful week!

May 2018 v May 2019 – I am slowly figuring out my skin!

Before/after going vegan

No alcohol. Day 5 vs. Day 16

Rhinoplasty genioplasty and bimax

“My mom has never had much of a skincare routine, but ever since I became a licensed aesthetician I’ve been encouraging her to show her skin a little more love (especially because she’s so interested in what I do with my skin). I decided to use her for a dermaplane before/after model for my Instagram page, and I’m glad I did! The top of her cheek is how her skin appeared before – dull with a little bit of a grey tone. The bottom of her cheek/around her jaw is what we revealed with our quick dermaplane session and I am so amazed.”

Before and After rhinoplasty at 6 weeks, around 20% more swelling to go down.

Eating food may still not be fun, but gaining weight and banishing a mental block sure is. Adios, anorexia!

Successful orthognathic surgery (jaw) and rhinoplasty (nose)

Top: A lifetime of dental horror…missing, broken and see-through teeth with 2 metal bridges. Bottom: veneers with 2 fake teeth built in. Took 35 years but finally feel good about smiling

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