Cat Frankenkitten Has Four Ears And One Eye

The nice people believed that the mother of these kittens was feral, and decided to take the pair in to get them healthy before they went to the shelter.

This handsome little devil is named Frankie, short for Frankenkitten. When a home owner found him and his sibling underneath their house, they realized this cat was a little different.

Thankfully, Frankie found a great owner to take him home. The kitty lives with Georgi Anderson, who is helping the little guy through his health problems.

“He has a very large overbite which gives his face a very angular appearance. Frankie also has joint problems in his hind legs – his knees don’t sit properly in place, so he walks splay-legged and his knees often slide in and out of place,” Anderson explained.

After he gained some strength, Frankie was taken to the shelter for medical care and rehoming. Unfortunately, one of his eyes ruptured and had to be removed. That’s how Frankie came to be the one-eyed, four-eared little wonder he is today.

Frankie has received dental work to cut his lower canines.

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