20+ Animals That Deserve A Medal For Their Copycat Skills

1. First day at a new job

2. Being such a drama queen

3. “A major case of the Saturday snoozers”

4. This puppy had their first birthday!

5. Being obsessed with music

6. There are 3 things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working.

7. 2 a.m. and just a little bit hungry…

8. Getting stuck in a morning traffic jam

9. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

10. Being a strict supervisor — big kitty is watching you!

11. “Tooth brushing time”

12. “Graduated puppy class, so proud!”

13. Embracing new technology

14. Going to the gym

15. “A need fur speed — have a coin?”

16. Yeah, crossing the legs makes you look thinner.

17. “Spoiling her Insta photos”

18. Dreaming big

19. “It’s time to do some laundry.”

20. “Haven’t got a thing to wear…”

21. “One last bite and I go on a diet, I swear.”

22. Feeling like a kid getting a present

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