20 Photos Prove That Beard Can Change Your Life

“Time inverted my hair.”

“Guys, don’t worry if you can’t grow much, just wait 10 years.”

“My beard is exactly one year old today! We made it!”

“My beard is 6 months old today.”

“Beard with push-up effect.”

“Jumping on the beard migration band wagon”

“Some faces need a beard! 6 months, zero trim just wash, oil, and brush.”

“Isn’t it amazing how chopped wood shows up in the background after you grow a beard?”

“The difference between photos is 2 months.”

“My beard came back strong.”

“From Jim Halpert in The Office to Jason Momoa.”

“Beards really can change someone’s look entirely. 30 years old in both photos.”

“It’s been 2 years since I stopped the clean-cut look and just grew a beard. I do miss the clean-cut look sometimes.”

“What a difference a beard makes.”

“18 vs 30”

“So I finished my yeard in December, but I’m still going!”

“Age 28 on the left. Age 41 on the right.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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