20 Biggest American Culture Shocks Shared By Non-Americans

“Advertisements in between the title credits of the show and the actual show. You guys have a LOT of advertisements.”

“Lawyer commercials and “if this happened to you, you can sue them” commercials.”

“Everything being f@#king huge. Literally. Road lanes, groceries, soda sizes. Especially distances: where i come from, 3 hours of driving are enough to cross half of the country, in the US it’s just a small drive to go to see a relative or something.”

“The portion sizes”

“The different kinds of flavors for beverages. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.”

“Could not walk anywhere, or take good public transport. Always had to take Ubers or hitch lifts.”

“The huge packaging units in the supermarket.. Everything just biiig”

“The air conditioning. Everywhere. And the literal temperature shock between the inside and the outside of any f@#king building.”

“People really care about their teeth like whitening and straightening.”

“How early everything starts. School, work. 6am wake ups. That was hard.”

“Tipping. And not just tipping, but tipping so much that the entire thing I bought (e.g. a meal) is now in an entirely higher price bracket.”

“Everyone I met treated me like a long lost friend”

“The toilet doors (or lack thereof). Not enough door!”

“People pay for their own food. As someone who came from China, where everyone fights for the bill without the intention to pay, this is very refreshing.”

“Billboards. They are everywhere. You can go hours in the UK driving without seeing one. In Florida, I saw one every few minutes.”

“Root beer”

“Not really a shock but one thing that really surprised me was the sheer amount of flags.”

“Sewers turtles aren’t ninja turtles”

“Your sugar has very little food in it.”

“British here, the first time I visited the US I was 11, I heard a mom scream at her daughter “get your fanny over here” Fanny means vagina here”

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