22 Boyfriends Who Have A Great Sense Of Humor

“My girlfriend has recently had a bug problem in her apartment. She’s drunk and went to the bathroom. I’m about to be single.”

“My boyfriend just asked me”

“Left a note for my boyfriend before I went to work this morning. Came home to this”

“So my boyfriend’s dream of filling a bucket with 100 McDonald’s chicken nuggets has been fulfilled”

“Left my boyfriend alone with my new hair dryer for 10 minutes”

“My boyfriend and I agreed to exchange books for our anniversary. I think we had different ideas…mine are on the left, his is on the right.”

“For our anniversary, my boyfriend decided to get me a picture of my dog that does not reflect his personality, whatsoever”

“My Boyfriend had the audacity to send this to me about my cat.”

“Boyfriend gave me this poster of Prison Mike made entirely of pictures of us”

“Girlfriend sleep-talks a lot. I write down the best ones when I can.”

“My boyfriend is taking care of my cat for me. I asked how it was going and he sent me this.”

“Girlfriend left me and the dog home alone for the weekend. First thing I sent her.”

“I am Sick and james asked if i wanted toast so i requested “plain toast” twitter, he made me PLANE toast”

“My friend played a prank on his girlfriend. She has a night vision motion-activated camera setup in a quest to treat a sick coyote. She checks the footage every morning religiously. He rented a Sasquatch outfit and walked around the camera at 4 am.”

“My gf put the quote on the left, it took her 2 weeks to realize I changed it.”

“Can a girl poop in peace? My bf & our cat!”

“Caught my girlfriend doing her makeup this morning.”

“I asked my boyfriend to join my Zoom meeting to critique my assignment presentation.”

“My boyfriend goes a little overboard with vacuuming.. and always talks about posting on this sub but never does. So here it is!”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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