20 Clueless Statements About Women’s Ways

The combination of confidence and ignorance can be perilous, especially when men believe they have the authority to dictate women’s lives.

I Don’t Think Any Of These People Ever Go Outside

An Oldie But Goodie

What A Piece Of S***t!

Sure You Did And The Roast Xd

Sir That Is Not How This Works

“Instagram Wisdom”

Another Alpha Male

The Ever-Confusing Hymen

Pants Are Evil

What The F**k Does That Mean ?

Apparently We’re Bonded To Everyone

Womens Bodies Aren’t Actually Theirs

Why Aren’t Women More Superficial?

Finally Found One In The Wild

Yes, Stick It Into My Urethra ?

Don’t Miss Out Your Biology Classes!

“5min Of Continuons Sex”

I Need .. I Need… A Mother

Women In Their 20’s-30’s = Old Chunky Milk

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