20 Epic Construction Fails Captured On Camera

Constructing a house or building demands careful planning and specialized skills to ensure structural integrity and safety. It’s a labor-intensive process that entails dedicating time and physical effort.

Yea Bob We’ve Got The Same Feeling About This Week As Well

Who Needs Scaffolding For Stairs When You Have Bob Ingenuity

Nothing To See Here Folks

Bobs Solution When The Trench Is Just A Little Too Deep For The Bucket

When Electrician Bob Runs His Conduit Where You Told Him Not To

Bob Hold On I’ll Give You A Hand Out

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, Real Heroes Strap Loads To The Roof And Pray

Bob Quick The Safety Inspector Is Here, Get Rid Of The Lift

Just Use The Hazard Notice Board Bob, It’ll Be Fine

”not My Job” Awards Goes To ⠀

Rules For The Jobsite

Is This Any Better Bob?

The Backside Of The Rebar Really Needed To Be Inspected Didn’t It Bob

Builder Bob Hiding From Monday’s!

Why Bother Getting A Lift When You Have Three Ladders And Some Lumber Right Bob

This Will Be The New Way To Get Around All Job Sites

The Most Appropriate Anchor Point

Bob Doesn’t Do Just One Safety Infraction, He Does Many

This Has Been Posted All Over

Don’t Worry Guys.the Taper Will Fix It Haha

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