40+ Captivating Photos Of Intentional And Accidental Masterpieces

“Italian Lifestyle In The Post War Years. A Vespa Acma 51 With Steib Sidecar”

“I’m Stuck On You Babe! Love Is In The Air. Or Is It In The Trees?”

“Grasshoppers Dream Cafe. Jeongseon South Korea”

“Constructed of two converted train cars, the upper level serves pasta while the lower level houses a coffee shop.”

“Open Wide. Production Designer Joe Alves Making Repairs To The Mechanical Shark In “Jaws””

“Affectionately named Bruce on Martha’s Vineyard in 1974. Interestingly the shark in Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” name is Bruce. Another fun fact someone just added in the comments. Seems Spielberg named the shark after his lawyer Bruce. Hence the joke: Why don’t sharks eat lawyers: Professional courtesy.”

“Strangely Colorful And Beautiful Molds Grown In Petri Dishes Using An Agar Base And Adding Pigments”

“The Veiled Lady” By Raffaele Monti 1860″

“I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the skill that was required to execute this marble masterpiece. To create the illusion of transparency with the veil in this medium is unbelievable. Metropolitan Museum of Art.”

“The Largest Intact Mosaic. Antakya Turkey. Sixth Century”

“Spanning over 1200 sq meters and made up of geometric shapes and non-repeating figures. Was probably created as a public space at the time. One of the most fascinating aspects of this mosaic is curved rug like surface which grew curved as a result of earthquakes in 526 and 528 AD. Despite the earthquakes the mosaic never broke and survived to the present date intact and unbroken. It took 9 years to unearth.”

“Absolutely Amazing Spray Paint Art”

“A Tree Saved By A Tree”

“When branches or roots from different trees are in prolonged intimate contact, they often abrade each other exposing their inner tissues, which may eventually fuse. This process is called inosculation, a natural phenomenon in which trunks, branches or roots of two trees grow together. It is biologically similar to grafting. Such trees are referred to in forestry as gemels, from the Latin word meaning “a pair”.”

“Burial Monument Masterpiece In Bronze Of The Calcagno Family. Created By Adolpho Appolini 1904. It Resides At The Staglieno Cemetery In Genoa Italy”

“Amazing Mosaic Street Patches”

“Branch Sculptures By Bob Verschueren”

“Carved Stone Chain Link Column Dating Back To 1106. Found On The Facade Of The Collegial Saint-Lazare D’avallon In France”

“Antique Iron Bat Shaped Lantern. Said To Have Hung In Front Of A Cabaret In France Late 1800’s”

“Lead Pencil Carvings”

“Snake Bridge On Macclesfield Canal On Atsbury. England”

“1400 Year Old Ginkgo Tree Located In Xi’an China That Draws Thousands Of People Each Year From All Over China”

“The golden leaves start falling around mid November, turning the temples ground into a yellow ocean. This particular tree grows next to the Gu Guanyin Buddhist temple in the Zhongnan Mountains. The ginkgo tree, also known as the maidenhair, is sometimes referred to as a living fossil because despite all the climate changes, it remains unchanged for 200 million years. It’s a living link to the times dinosaurs ruled the planet.”

“This Is What Happens When You Mix Star Wars With Alcohol”

“Detail Of The “Green Man” 1200’s Ad. Early Gothic. Bamberg Cathedral. Germany”

“Water Current Directing Drain In A Steep Slope In Taiwan. Almost Like Intentional Street Sculpture”

“Fidele The Most Famous Dog In Bruges. Fidele Was A Famous Dog And Tourist Attraction In Bruges, Belgium”

“The yellow Labrador Retriever lived at the Cote Canal bed and breakfast with his owner Caroline Van Langeraet. He could usually could be seen lounging half-asleep on a windowsill facing the Groenerei canal.”

“There Are 950 Species Of Sea Urchins That Inhabit A Wide Range Of Depth Zones In All Climates Across The Worlds Oceans”

“Giant Cactus In Oaxaca Mexico”

“Super Cool Design. Famed Motorcycle Builder Dirk Oehlerking Of Kingston Custom Crafted This Bike Called Good Ghost”

“Worlds Largest Diameter Tree In The World. El Arbol Del Tule”

“(Spanish for The Tree of Tule) located on the church grounds in the town of Santa Maria del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It was originally believed to be several trees but DNA tests have proven it’s one tree. The age of the tree is unknown but is believed to be 1200 to 3000 years old.”

“Dinosaur Being Delivered To The Museum Of Science. Boston Massachusetts 1984”

“All Of Use Who Grew Up Using Pink Pearl Erasers In School Remember Drawing, Mutilating, Stabbing, Pulling On, Breaking Throwing And Shredding These Erasers In Class. A Great Stress Reliever. Great For Everything Except Erasing. And The Smell…”

“Traveling In Style. Machine Age Automotive Looking Strollers”

“Like A Herd Of Cattle Or A Flock Of Geese Or A Pack Of Wolves, A Swarm Of Ladybugs Are Referred To As A “Loveliness””

“In the Middle Ages after farmers found out that ladybugs helped wipe out swarms of aphids that were destroying their crops, they thanked the Virgin Mary and referred to them as the “beetle of our lady”. This was eventually shortened to “lady beetle” then to “ladybug” which stuck. In the UK they are referred to as “ladybirds”.”

“Wonderful Antique Pig Shaped Mesh Purse”

“This Streamlined Dymaxion Car Was Designed By The American Inventor Buckminster Fuller During The Great Depression And Was Featured Prominently At The Chicago Worlds Fair In 1933-1934”

“Fuller built three experimental prototypes with naval architect Starling Burgess using donated money as well as an inheritance. Not as an automobile per say but as a vehicle that one day might be designed to fly, land and drive.”

“Trees Struck By Lightning. The Temperature Of A Lightning Strike Is 5 Times Hotter Than The Sun, Causing An Internal Pressure That Can Cause The Tree To Explode From Within”

“Tortoise Shaped Bar In The Desert. Bayanzag, Mongolia”

“Pierre Passebon Paris Apartment. Jacques Grange Design”

“Circa 1950’s Bumper Cars At The Height Of Their Style”

“With massive over-pronounced chromed out grills. Note only the top right one has a padded steering wheel protector. So if you got slammed straight on your whacked your noggin pretty against the steering wheel.”

“Dunmore Pineapple House. Built In 1761 In Sterlingshire Scotland By The Earl John Murray For His Wife Charolettte”

“Attributed to the architect Sir William Chambers. It is considered one of the most bizarre buildings in the country. Pineapples were first brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus from the Caribbean island of Guadalupe in 1493. Pineapples became a rare delicacy in Europe with associations of power, wealth and hospitality. The pineapple structure is 46 ft high and constitutes a stunning example of the stonemason’s craft, being a remarkable depiction of the fruit. The pineapple became a universal symbol of welcome and hospitality.”

“19 Year Old German Actress Brigette Helm On The Set Of Metropolis In 1927”

“The costume was made of what was referred to as a new form of malleable “plastic wood”. The costume was extremely uncomfortable and sitting in it was difficult. At the time it was the most expensive movie ever made which at the time was aprox $1.2 million dollars. Brigette complained about the many retakes Fritz Lang was known to request saying “no one will even know it me in the costume”. To which he replied. “I’ll know””

“Slope Point Is The Southern Most Point Of New Zealand’s South Island”

“The wind is so intense and relentless that the trees are bent, warped and twisted forever along the direction the wind blows. That is because the region is constantly being hit with fierce cold winds that blow up from Antarctica. Slope Point is predominantly used for sheep farming. Aside from a few sheep, no humans or other animals live on that part of the island. In photos 2 and 3 you can see abandoned shacks that built under the protection of the windswept trees. But even those could not stand up to the wind.”

“Delivery For Bugs Bunny”

“Before the 16th-17th century almost all cultivated carrots were purple with mutated versions in yellow and white. Orange carrots are believed to have been cultivated by Dutch growers who took mutant strains of the purple carrot and developed them into the modern day orange variety. The Dutch are also credited with selling the seeds to the British who then brought them to early America. Orange carrots get their bright orange color from beta-carotene. The origins of the cultivated carrot is rooted in the purple carrot in the region around modern day Afghanistan.”

“When Your Donkey Has Dreams Of Being A Pegasus”

“Perfect Winter Wedding Dress”

“Abandoned. Let Nature Take Over”

“The Organic Twig And Sapling Sculptures Of Patrick Dougherty”

“Picture Of One Of The Most Beautiful Manhole Covers I’ve Ever Seen. It’s Great That Whatever City Commissioned These Gave The Designer Such Artistic Freedom”

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