20 Famous People From History Who Had A Dark Side

What makes a person great? It’s a subjective question, as many historical figures accomplished amazing things while not being so admirable in private. Perfection is impossible, and values have changed over time, but even by their era’s standards, some beloved figures could have been much nicer.

Susan B. Anthony, a key figure in the women’s suffrage movement, also held racist views, believing black people shouldn’t vote. Similarly, President Woodrow Wilson, who ratified the 19th Amendment, was also very racist.

Discover more surprising truths about these and other historical figures in this collection of unexpected jerks from history.

Pablo Picasso was an abusive husband, and a notorious womanizer.

Mother Teresa never gave money to many of her causes. 7% of the donations she received went to the actual causes for which they were donated. She also forced those around her to live in pain.

Dr Seuss cheated on his wife when she had cancer, and she took her own life after finding out.

Steve Jobs stole many key ideas, lied to his partner Steve Wozniak about money, and was a notoriously horrible boss to work for.

Woodrow Wilson was a KKK Sympathizer who “regretted the outcome of the civil war” and consequently set up segregated offices in the White House.

Bing Crosby was an abusive father.

Tupac went to jail for assault.

Winston Churchill allowed 4 million people in modern day Bangladesh to die so that food could be directed to British forces during WWII. He was very racist, and anti labor. He said that strikers in Wales, demanding decent wages, should “have their bellies filled with lead.”

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