Is There A Miniature Man Living In This Tree?

TikTok has undeniably influenced millions. Years ago, claims about giants ruling the Earth would be dismissed as nonsense. Now, with the prevalence of iPads, such statements are worryingly common.

Recently, this absurdity has sparked interest again after a man allegedly live-streamed capturing a wood elf. Yes, people genuinely believe this.

You’re probably thinking: that’s obvious CGI. You’re right; the creature’s smooth texture, rigid movements, and inconsistent placement with the camera shake are clear giveaways. Plus, it’s a wood elf—if they existed, we’d know by now.

Despite the clear hoax, many online claim the man recorded a “duende,” which Wikipedia describes as a folklore humanoid similar to dwarves, gnomes, or leprechauns.

Commenters on these videos insist the footage is genuine. “They are called duende and they are real. They like candy,” wrote one user. “Most folklore has roots in reality,” declared another. “I’ve seen these before and no one believed me,” stated a third.

Of course, the creature isn’t real, beyond the fact that it’s obviously CGI.

For instance, the video claims to be a live stream, yet the chat shows no reaction to an otherworldly creature. Moreover, live streams can easily play pre-recorded videos, suggesting this is more a case of After Effects than a supernatural event.

The main issue with such conspiracy theories is their implausibility: if true, there would be no reason to hide it.

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