20 Ideal Gift Options Available On Amazon

Find the perfect present with ease with this curated list of 20 amazing products available on Amazon. From thoughtful to quirky, these gifts are sure to impress and bring a smile to anyone’s face.

1. A set of five reusable food “huggers” so your food prep-loving boo can say goodbye to brown apple slices forever, without having to use disposable plastic bags or aluminum foil. These reusable silicone food savers wrap tightly, creating a seal around fruits, veggies, and even cans so that your love can do away with their cling wrap and still be able to count on keeping their avocado half super fresh.

2. A cat tree that your kitty will love as a gift, because they’ll feel like they’re in the natural habitat of their ancestors, the big cats. They’ll love curling up for a nice cat nap on one of the platforms during the day, and then climbing and jumping all over this baby at three in the morning when you’re trying to sleep, as cats are wont to do.

3. A butterfly growing kit so the aspiring entomologist in your life can have a project that’s fun *and* educational. This kit allows them to witness the magical process of metamorphosis — from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly — firsthand. Truly, YouTube videos have nothing on this.

4. A color-changing blush oil that sold out shortly after launching on Amazon, and for good reason, too. This TikTok cult-favorite blush oil is green upon application, but then adjusts to the perfect shade of pink for your specific skin tone. Oh, and since it’s an oil, this blush adds a dewy glow to your complexion almost instantly. Grab it for your beauty-loving buddy who thinks they’ve already seen it all when it comes to makeup.

5. A six-outlet wall charger with a nightlight function, for the giftee who is always looking for a place to plug their phone AND their tablet AND their laptop in. The nightlight function helps lower the odds of tripping over cords at night (or getting a visit from the boogeyman…just saying).

6. An aesthetically pleasing set of 60 (!) dual-tip calligraphy markers that, get this, can diffuse into a watercolor by adding a touch of, you guessed it, water! So whether your giftee is looking to bring out their inner Bob Ross, or they’re just looking for a marker-fine-tip pen duo to help them bullet journal, they’re sure to thank you immensely for this colorful gift.

7. A pair of jumbo ice molds for the amateur mixologist who would never dream of just serving their guests a can of beer. Sure, their cocktails may only ever get served at the bar inside their own kitchen — but these large spherical and square ice cubes will make it look as though their work is world-renowned.

8. A tea sampler set that is the perfect gift for your work buddy who’s into both botany *and* tea. These teas are inspired by the fruits and flowers of the New York Botanical Garden, and include unique flavors like orange jasmine, orchid vanilla, and lemon lavender. 🌸 + 🫖 = the perfect gift.

9. A design-your-own-water-bottle kit, because there’s always space for creativity, even when you’re just labeling water bottles! Get this kit for your baby (who isn’t a baby anymore… *cries*) to decorate their water bottle for the new school year.

10. A copy of the charcuterie guide Beautiful Boards, if your giftee is a charcuterie newbie — it will give them the push they need to make some fabulous boards. This how-to book offers step-by-step guides for creating 50 (yes, 50!) beginner-friendly charcuterie boards for all occasions. Whether they’re making casual Sunday snacks for friends, or are whipping up a board for their next date night, they’ll be so happy with this gift.

11. A blackhead remover vacuum that’s like a spring cleaning for pores. This is perfect if your sibling LOVES pimple-popping videos and wants to experience some of the unclogging action themselves IRL! It comes with multiple tool heads and suction strengths, so it’s more targeted than just popping with your fingers.

12. A rotating digital alarm clock with two USB ports so that your mate will never have to choose between charging their phone and charging their tablet before bed EVER again. Plus, with a dedicated alarm clock, they can actually…turn their phone off when they go to bed, for the first time ever.

13. A horizontal candle if your bestie is the type of person who wants to light a few candles without having to worry about melting the entire candle in one night. This candle rolls through the wick holder, which only allows the part of the candle above the wick holder to burn. Once the flame reaches the bottom of the wick holder, the candle self-extinguishes, saving the rest of the wax spiral for the next time your giftee wants some candlelight.

14. A pack of reusable stainless-steel straws that costs just about the same as a pack of plastic straws but are way less harmful for the environment. These straws are perfect if your WFH mate simply cannot drink an ice-cold drink of any kind without a straw (same), but their heart hurts tossing them in the trash when they’re done. With this pack, they can keep some straws at home, some in the car, and even some in their bag.

15. A macrame swing to bring a dreamy and playful vibe to your best friend’s reading nook. (This swing also makes sitting around and answering emails sooo much more enjoyable!)

16. A volcanic face roller that TikTok is going gaga over. This is great if your teen is always blotting their face with disposable tissues or powder — this face roller soaks up excess oil throughout the day and is washable and reusable, making it a great sustainable blotting option!

17. A detangling hair brush for your parent, child, or bestie who is always on the hunt for an easier curl-brushing experience. I love using this on my 2B curls to brush out any knots without tearing my super fine, delicate hairs! This brush also comes in a mini size that’s a great first brush for any kid who is getting used to taking care of their own hair.

18. A pair of retro-looking headphones that will transport your nostalgic sibling to the nineties, while still letting them keep up with all their current-day headphone needs. These headphones rest ergonomically over the ears to play those sweet tunes/ fascinating podcasts, and have a microphone for calls!

19. A hand massager, because who wouldn’t want a knot-relieving hand massage after a long day of typing?! This massager uses heat, air pressure, and four kneading heads to help relieve pain and discomfort in your giftee’s digits. This is perfect if your S.O. is always making puppy eyes at you for a hand rub, even when your post-WFH hands are aching, too. (This works as a classic “gift for them that is also a gift for you,” p.s.)

20. And an insulated tumbler that comes in so many colors and designs, you’ll be able to get one for every person you know with a summer birthday. Get the chic chartreuse for your fashionista friend, or the nebula design for your pal who’s always sharing NASA’s latest Instagram post — whoever you’re buying for, they’ll just be happy with this insulated beauty that keeps their cool drinks cool for 24 hours and their hot drinks hot for eight hours.

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